Road to Roo: Athens Finals

Last night, the Georgia Theatre hosted the Athens city finals for the Road to Bonnaroo (#RoadtoRoo) competition. Walden, The Vinyl Suns, J Kyle & Five Speed all played to keep their dreams of performing on the Bonnaroo stage alive.

The winner? Walden! Jamie de Lange, Andrew Mendel, Eric Hangartner and Richard Becker make up the band that describes themselves as “nice-guy rock.” They have two EPs already under their belt, and their song “Green Lights” was even played on the Atlanta alternative station 105.7.

Even though they won the Road to Roo competition in Georgia last year, they stopped short of the stage because of an age disqualification. This year, however, they’re proving that second chances really do exist and battling their way all the way to Roo.

On Thursday, April 6 at 8:30 p.m., Walden will play once again at Atlanta’s Vinyl at Center Stage. In this finals show, they’ll compete against the winner of the Atlanta circuit to leave with a spot at Bonnaroo.

Check out the festival’s entire 2017 lineup and grab a ticket!

By Lexi Kelson – @lexkelson


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